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Tibet upgraded!

2010-08-24 17:39:55 by RanEntertainments

Woohoo! I finally found enough time to fix and upgrade the game! Due to popular demand, there is now an "easy" mode, as well as in-game help. Enjoy Reting Rimpoche's dating sim here!

If that does not improve ma karma at least a little bit, I don't know what more I can do ^^

Tibet upgraded!


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2012-07-28 22:00:18

Hey... Just played your game. (Hope you get to read this)

Your writing is really enjoyable! I've been looking for all Newgrounds visual novels and such, and well, is not like there is none at all, but i guess there could be some more. Dating Sims seems to be a little more famous, but they are usually poor excuses for hentai or are just god damn boring. Yours actually showed some content, and had a fresh idea. I mean, Tibet. Besides that, it's one of the first things i read here that doesn't make want to just skip half of the text.

So, yeah, I would love to read/play something else from you. Wouldn't care about the type.
Text-based though. Nah, i'm just kidding, make whatever you want... If you want. Just remember that you are good at text-based stuff. Kind of. I guess there is a lot of improvement to make. You could train that, you know? By making text-based games...

Nevermind that, good luck in life, asdasdasdasd.


2014-05-08 10:40:39

i found this hilarious. did you pick the term 'Reting Rimpoche' from the blue sky or do you know him? by the way - it should be spelled Rinpoche and is not actually a name.. it is a monastic title behind the monk's last name (Reting in this case). if you want to incorporate some very tibetan stuff into your next releases just let me know. i live in tibet and have tens upon tens of thousands of documents that may suit a video game!